Vegan cooking madness

Long story short: Jenny kind of wants me to apologize for my rant and forbid me to hit the holidays without giving you all something back for reading and asking me about how I was doing.

People always ask me how I survive by a vegan diet, so I’ve decided to show you that there also are very very very fast menus for vegan students who don’t have time to cook something fancy.

I’ve always wanted to share some cooking ideas so I’ve finally put together a quick guide to some awesome noodles which a friend showed me about a week ago. Now, please, may I present to you: The stuff I’ve been living on for the past four days:

Vegan Noodles

Have fun “cooking”. I’m by the way planning on putting together several posts in advance which update by themselves over the next few days since I’m gonna be without any internet, but we’ll see how far I get with that.

NOW, Have a wonderful christmas.
Lots of Love from Fiona & Jenny